J. Craig Klope will use his repertoire of skills and expertise to manage your event efficiently and make it memorable.

In addition to event planning and managing he can provide:



  • Keynote Speaking

  • Emcee/Announcing

  • Facilitator/Trainer

  • Voice Over

J. Craig Klope



~ Sundance Film Festival - Park City

~ South By Southwest Music Festival

~ Sea Fair Festival- Seattle

~ Airventure Air Show - Oshkosh

~ The World Series - Boston/STL

~ Texas State Fair - Dallas

~ The Indy 500 - Indianapolis

~ CMA Music Festival - Nashville

~ Greek Festival - Chicago

~ Superbowl - Phoenix

~ Hot August Nights - Reno

~ MLB All Star Game - New York

~ Barrett/Jackson Show - Las Vegas

~ Pirate Fest and Air Show - Tampa

~ Intl Balloon Festival - Albuquerque

~ Pageant of the Masters -

   Laguna Beach, California.

They say that ignorance is bliss. Well, Craig must have been euphoric when he came up with the idea of hosting a celebrity talk show in the spare bedroom of his apartment. After all, he was in his 20's and had no experience or training in radio or communications. No one told him it was an impossible feat to take on such an endeavor so he just proceeded to make it happen. Naivete was his ally.

His flagship broadcast, The Entertainment Hotline, was launched in Nashville in 1992 and soon stars like Buddy Ebsen, Glen Campbell and Oliver North were on his show every week. Then, a few years later, his career quickly escalated to a national audience when his second show, Brushes with Greatness, was syndicated.

Craig now travels over 50,000 miles a year speaking and encouraging people to follow their dreams.

This fall, Craig's adventure will reach an even broader audience when he releases his new book, "Celebrities in my Guestroom."


J.Craig Klope's experience as an announcer, spokesperson and motivational speaker is extensive.

The following list provides a small glimpse at the versatile range of events and venues where Craig has performed.